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How did we get here? Digging Water Wells in
the Sahara Desert
Digging Water Wells in the Sahara Desert


Developing a wide ranging expertise in everything to do with real estate, projects, relocations and facilities does not come easily or quickly. Nor does it come from a myopic focus on any single piece of the puzzle. But it does come from a wide-ranging world view and variety of experiences, (both domestic and international)  that brings together people, processes, diplomacy and demanding detail, from many perspectives, contributing to an ability to manipulate that Rubric’s Cube to a successful and profitable result.


  • Started working construction trades as a Union carpenter at age 16
  • Degree in International Relations from UC Santa Cruz
  • Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa
  • US Foreign Service Reserve Officer
  • Construction & Engineering Officer–State Dep’t and US AID
  • Director of Construction for a major SoCal Developer
  • Managed first Relocation Project in 1979
  • President, Creative Building Specialists
  • Founder and President, Planned Aesthetics, Inc.
  • COO of the ORS Group in DC, Atlanta, South Florida, 1986-1994
  • First Cresa Project Management consultant in 1995
  • Former Chairman and Vice Chairman of Cresa
  • Former National Director of Project & Facilities Management at Cresa
  • Managed Client HQ Projects in more than 12 different states and 6 Countries
  • Exited Cresa after 21 years, just wanting to do this project thing a bit differently
  • Published industry expert on Project Management and Relocation Management
  • Famous for his Dr. Zeuss impersonations at Cresa National Meetings
  • Sings, Dances, Entertains; Competitive Yacht Racer, Road Biker, Husband, Dad


Digging Water Wells in the Sahara Desert