Partners Collaborating in Planning, PRFormance and Profitability

What Do We Do? Directing all Design & Construction Activities


It is both quite simple; and exceedingly complex. We consult, advise, guide and educate our Clients through the entire facility development process from conceptualization to realization. We put together the optimum Project Team and manage them to achieve your goals. We bring discipline to the Budget and Schedule. We keep you in the know on the big issues, while managing all the details behind the scenes. We hold your hand through the process, give you a shoulder to cry on when it is (rarely) needed. Our work is not done till you have the perfect workplace to support your people and business objectives.


In a nutshell, we:

  • Advise on Real Estate Strategies, Project Concept, Execution Approach
  • Create Baseline Budget/Schedule and updater regularly thru the Project
  • Put together the optimum Project Team, manage them to common goals
  • Oversee the design and construction project process
  • Manage the procurement process for Furniture and Equipment
  • Plan and manage a seamless relocation from origin to destination
  • Brings maximum savings to the bottom line
  • Deliver an enhanced workplace the support people and profits


That’s the short story. For a more complete overview, please click here.



Directing all Design & Construction Activities